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You might have wondered why your Instagram posts are getting so many likes. Well, the company is testing a feature that will let you hide the total number of “Likes” on your posts. This will allow you to view only the number of likes on a particular post, which is not always a good idea. Instead, you will have to actively turn this feature off. It can also be a distraction if you’re trying to promote a certain product or service.

Instagram is turning the Like count private for some users, but it’s not entirely dead. The company told TechCrunch that the new feature will be available for a select subset of users globally. This means that you’ll have to decide what’s worth liking, rather than having the herd decide for you. It may make people feel more comfortable sharing, but you won’t be able to see how many of your followers are liking your posts.

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If you want to know the number of Likes on a post, you can use a tool called NapoleonCat. NapoleonCat is a great way to do this for free. It will give you a count of the likes that a specific post has received. Moreover, it can verify the social performance claims of influencers on Instagram. However, it can’t show you how many people liked a particular post. You can try NapoleonCat for 14 days for free.

Instagram has begun testing the option to hide Likes for some users in order to improve privacy. The company told TechCrunch that the test is being expanded to a small number of people globally. This will help users determine which posts are worth liking. It will also protect influencers. This change may make users more comfortable with sharing their posts. Eventually, it could even make Instagram more attractive to users. It’s hard to know what the future holds for the social media giant.

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Instagram has started making it difficult to see total likes on posts. It now only shows the amount of “likes” that a user has received. Previously, it was only visible for users in Australia, Brazil, Ireland, Italy, and New Zealand. But now, the change is rolling out worldwide to users in all of these countries. The new feature is a great way to make your posts more popular and to avoid competition.

The change to hide like counts has made Instagram more popular to users. It has been a popular social network for several years and is used by many people to find inspiration. It’s easy to see how many people liked your post. This has helped the app gain a larger user base. But it also makes it harder for users to compare themselves with each other. By hiding the total likes on posts, you can see how many people have liked your post.

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