How to Boil Clarisonic Brush Heads

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Boiling Clarisonic brush heads is a simple, yet effective, way to disinfect your skincare tool. Simply pour boiling water into the brush handle and remove it. You can then gently scrub the brush head with a soft, clean towel. After the cleaning process, be sure to dry it thoroughly. The Clarisonic brush head should be rinsed at least once a week to maintain its performance. However, you should only boil the Clarisonic brush head if you notice an odor or a slick coating on the dry bristles.

Boiling Clarisonic brush heads is an effective way to remove bacteria and other contaminants from the product. Unlike other skincare products, the brush head is non-porous and does not harbor any harmful bacteria. If you want to ensure that your brushes remain germ-free, it’s best to buy a new Clarisonic brush head. It will last you for years, and you can even save money by not buying new ones every few months.

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If you have an older Clarisonic, it’s wise to purchase your own brush head. The brush head is usually made of plastic, and may be contaminated with genetic material. To avoid this, it is recommended to soak the head in water or rubbing alcohol before use. When cleaning the brush, be sure to remove the outer ring of the brush head and use only the inner circle. Be careful not to over-splash the device.

To disinfect the Clarisonic brush head, first remove the outer ring. Then, take the inner circle and soak it in rubbing alcohol. Then, turn on the Clarisonic and let it dry for a few hours. Then, remove the cap and rinse it thoroughly. When you’re done, leave it to dry. Don’t forget to leave it to dry out in a dry area.

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To clean the Clarisonic brush head, you need to soak it in a mixture of baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, and lemon juice. You should swish the brush head in the mixture for 30 seconds to a minute. This way, you won’t expose the skin to bacteria or genetic material. The Clarisonic brush is completely waterproof. After washing, rinse it with warm water. If you’re worried about the germs, you can add lemon juice to the mixture and spin the Clarisonic brush head in the water for a few minutes.

After washing the Clarisonic brush with soap, you should remove the outer ring and remove the inner circle. When you’ve finished, rinse it with water and then dry it. You can reuse the inner circle of the brush. Afterwards, you can continue to use it as usual. Be sure to keep the removable brush cap on the brush head after cleaning it. If you don’t want to risk the bacteria to live inside your Clarisonic, don’t boil the Clarisonic brush head in water.

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