Easter Oreo Pops

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OREO Pops are delicious and easy to make. A full bag of Wilton Candy Melts is enough to make eight or nine servings. Use your favorite OREOs to form your pops. Dip the OREOs into the chocolate and spread the excess over the top. Add sprinkles and eyes. Chill until the chocolate coating hardens. When ready to serve, transfer the pops to wax paper to cool completely.

To decorate the pops, use candy eyes, sprinkles, and wildflower candy. You can also purchase a stick for these and other decorations. You can also buy an orange tic tac or Starburst and fold it into the shape of a beak. Once the chocolate is melted, add the candy eyes and other decorations. Let the pops set for a few minutes before serving. After serving, they will stay on a stick, and your guests will love them.

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To decorate Oreo Pops, purchase some marshmallows and almond bark. You can also buy sprinkles and wildflower candies from the grocery store. To assemble these delicious treats, separate the cookies and insert the stick. Next, dab frosting or candy melts on the cookie. After the frosting has set, dip the cookie in the frosting or candy melts and smooth it with a spoon. When the candy hardens, the pops will be ready.

To decorate the Oreo Pops, buy a few extra ingredients and set aside. Then, place them on popsicle sticks and decorate with candy sprinkles, nuts, and coconut. Once the chocolate has hardened, the OREO Pops are ready to be served. They are easy to make and can be served as a dessert or an Easter treat. You can also prepare them ahead of time and freeze them.

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To create the cute and adorable animal-shaped OREO Pops, dip the popsicle sticks in melted chocolate and sprinkle with wildflower sprinkles. Once the chocolate has set, the OREO Pops should be ready to be decorated. For extra decorations, you can also add sprinkles, candy melts, nuts, coconut, and marshmallows. Then, serve them as a sweet treat for Easter.

To decorate the OREO Pops, add candy eyes, jelly beans, and sprinkles. These candies are also the perfect addition to an Easter table. Then, place them in the oven for a delicious treat. Once baked, serve them immediately. These can be stored in the refrigerator for a few weeks. You can also prepare these treats in advance and serve them to guests. These tasty treats are easy to make and will delight your guests.

For extra-special Easter treats, add edible bunny feet and ears to your Oreo pops. The edible decorations will make the treats look even more adorable. You can add a chocolate pearl to each pop and make a beautiful, colorful creation. You can decorate your chocolate Oreo with a variety of colors. These delicious little tawny-shaped Oreos can be served at a kids’ birthday party, or for a special holiday celebration.

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