Donuts on 94 – A YouTube Stunt Leads to an Arrest

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The phrase “donuts on 94” has gone viral in recent years, but it was only this summer that it became a reality. In a YouTube video, a woman shouted the phrase repeatedly while her Camaro blocked traffic on the highway. The stunt led to a brief highway shutdown, and several cars backed up behind parked cars, which led to the police investigation. The police chief said he expects tips from community members, and will hold a press conference at 2 p.m. Monday.

A woman stopped her car in a Michigan parking lot and began shooting. When she spotted a car driving by, she turned around and started filming. She recorded the incident using a cell phone and immediately contacted the police. The officer pulled out the plate number and made an arrest. The driver was blurred, but police were able to make out the license plate number. Detroit police arrested the driver and charged her with reckless driving.

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Luckily, the police were able to make an arrest. The cell phone footage showed the police pulling the plate numbers from the footage. The driver was later cited and remanded. The video blurred the face and license plate of the suspect, but the officer could still identify the car. That’s one reason why the arrest was necessary. While the arrest was bizarre, it was the only way to end this rash of violent crimes.

When police received the cell phone footage, they made an arrest. The driver was arrested after police managed to pull out the license plate numbers from the video. Though the footage was blurred, the driver was eventually taken into custody. Although the driver was not identified, the video did reveal the car’s identity. The arrest happened after a man pulled out the driver’s license plate from the video. However, the police blurred the driver’s face and made an arrest.

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The video shows the driver of the car. The license plate of the car is blurred, and the face of the driver is not visible in the video. The cell phone footage captured the driver’s name and the vehicle’s plate number. It is unclear if the driver was arrested by police. The police said they acted because they thought the driver was driving aggressively. The man later drove away. But the officers had to arrest the man, but the officer still wanted to capture him.

The police officer arrested the man for driving the car without a license. The footage was blurred to protect the driver’s identity. In this case, the police did not have enough evidence to make an arrest. Instead, they had to wait for the video to be edited. Ultimately, the driver was stopped. But the police made no arrest. The driver had no insurance. They had no money. It was a black SUV.

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