The New Year’s 100 Donut Craze

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If you’ve been drooling over the $100 donut, you’re not alone. The new craze is taking the internet by storm. The Manila Social Club in Brooklyn has come out with a version covered in 24-karat gold leaf and iced with Cristal Champagne. The gelee inside the doughnut is also made with the bubbly beverage. It costs $18 for a single donut, but is selling like hotcakes. The donut is so delicious, that Adam Platt has reviewed it on his blog.

The sour cream donut is unbeatable, as are the lemon filled rounds. If you’re looking for a sweeter treat, you can try the strawberry or blueberry jelly. The toasted coconut donut is crispy, golden, and not too sweet. The chocolate creme is good, but could use more cocoa. The pumpkin donut is like a deep fried muffin, while black raspberry jelly is an imitation fruit.

The gold doughnuts are more affordable, and some New Yorkers bought a dozen in celebration of the New Year. The Manila Social Club promotes them on Instagram, and their gold donuts were a hit with revelers. A cheaper version of the $100 gold doughnut is available at a nearby donut shop. Some of the gold donuts contain Bushwick IPA. Whether you prefer a cheaper version or the real deal, try these delectable treats.

The sour cream donut is unbeatable. If you’re going for a treat, make sure to try the lemon or strawberry jelly. The toasted coconut does not have too much sweetness, which makes it great for kids. The chocolate creme is more like a mousse than a creme, and the vanilla creme could use more cocoa. If you’re craving a more traditional donut, you might want to try the pumpkin donut, which is deep fried and tastes like a muffin. The black raspberry jelly is a fake fruit, but it does taste good.

The price for the gold donut isn’t cheap, but it is worth it if you’re looking for something special for New Year’s Eve. The dozen donuts at Manila Social Club cost $100, but you can buy gold ones for less than a dollar a dozen. The price is worth it. They are definitely worth it, though, and will surely be a hit with revelers. However, if you can’t afford a hundred dollars, you can always settle for the cheaper gold donuts at the bar.

While many New Yorkers are surprised to learn that the gold donuts aren’t cheap, but they are worth the cost. Forget about eating one donut on New Year’s Eve and you’ll still be spending a fortune on a dozen at a fancy restaurant. Some even pay a hundred dollars for a dozen, while others choose to save their money by buying them. A hundred donut, however, is a lot of money.

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