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Yummy Donuts is a popular donut shop in Los Angeles. The chain has 70 locations and uses the same recipes and ingredients as Winchell’s and Dunkin’ Donuts. Located at 405 E. Sixth Street, the new business has been open for about a month. Those who are looking for a tasty and quick fix can visit Yum Donuts. Unlike their competitors, Yummy Donuts makes their doughnuts fresh in-store every day. The donuts are served hot right out of the fryer and can be customized in beautiful ways.

Yummy Donuts started in 1971 and is now located in Columbia. The original location was a former Orange Julius, and Philip C. Holland bought the property in 1972. By 1973, he had opened three locations. After that, he and Frank Watase decided to expand and purchase the franchise of Winchell’s Donuts, one of the largest donut chains on the West Coast. Upon closing Winchell’s Donuts, Yum Donuts continued with the name and expanded to more than 100 locations. Today, they are a franchise, and the company still has over 200 locations.

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A new Yum Donuts location opened in Columbia recently. The location is at 200 N. Providence Road, and was previously an Orange Julius gas station. The new location features an open retail space and a kitchen. Despite the name change, the location also has seating for customers. The business is still in its soft opening phase, so customers are still encouraged to come and try the donuts. The company has not yet brought back the espresso bar.

The chain opened its first Columbia location on July 18, and now has seven locations. It is also launching a new coffee and espresso bar. It has been open for just a month, and is already one of the city’s most popular sweet spots. Besides being a popular donut shop, Yum has also become a favorite spot for locals in the area. If you’re looking for a quick and tasty snack, try Yum-Yum Donuts.

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The chain was founded in Houston, Texas in 1971 by Phillip C. Holland, who later sold half of the business to a fellow businessman, Frank Watase. The two entrepreneurs quickly expanded the brand by purchasing several donut shops in the same area and retaining the name. In 2004, they opened 71 stores and are still in the soft opening phase. It isn’t open yet, but it’s already a popular destination for locals in the city.

There are currently seven locations of Yum Donuts in the city. The Columbia location is located at 200 N. Providence Road, and is the former location of an Orange Julius. The two founders have been operating Yum Donuts for about a decade, and they have opened over a hundred stores throughout the city. Yummy Donuts has locations in cities all over the country, including the Washington DC metro area.

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