Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert Review

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Elizabeth Gilbert is an author we’ve come to know and love as the bestselling author of Eat, Pray, Love. Her acclaimed memoir launched the self-development memoir genre and made a name for herself. In Big Magic, she continues this tour de force with a book that is as enthralling as it is inspiring. This time, though, Gilbert writes non-fiction, this time about the importance of pursuing a creative life.

The first thing that struck me about Big Magic was the way in which Gilbert approaches creativity. While it is a book that is full of practical advice, this book also makes you think. The author advises against paying thousands of dollars to go to creative school, and she warns against the pressures of a career to stifle creativity. She says that it takes practice to develop a creative habit and that some days will be better than others. The feeling of being “in the zone” is exhilarating, and the story makes you forget the niggles of everyday life.

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As an avid reader of Eat, Pray, Love, and many other books by Elizabeth Gilbert, Big Magic will be a great read. It demonstrates her magical ability to make new friends and build relationships. Her writing style is warm and smart, and her ability to share her personal life experiences with readers is commendable. In addition, BigMagic is a book that will help you grow in the field of creativity. It is a good choice for people who are looking to find a new path to a more fulfilled life.

This is a book for anyone who wants to be creative. While Gilbert does offer practical advice on how to become a better artist, she also argues that we are all artists and need to open up our creativity to pursue it. The book is not without its flaws, though, and it is a good read in many ways. It is worth reading because of its message on the importance of creativity.

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The book is a great read for people who love to learn about self-improvement. Elizabeth Gilbert’s character is a self-improver who is devoted to improving herself and her relationships. It is an amazing book to read and will inspire you to take action. So, start working on your dreams, and don’t let your day today life consume you. The book will make you happy.

Big Magic is an excellent book for women who are looking to make their lives more fulfilling. In fact, it’s also an excellent gift for those who want to make their lives more joyful and meaningful. While Gilbert has a lot of great advice for women, she can also teach us how to improve our lives by being more creative. In the process of writing, she shows that she’s an excellent writer.

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