Apple Picking Season in Nova Scotia

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If you’re looking for a new and unique activity this fall, apple picking season in Nova Scotia is just the thing. With over 40 years of operation, Daniels U-Pick offers wagon rides, tours of the orchard, and apple-picking opportunities. In addition to picking apples, Daniels also offers pumpkins, honey, and fresh-baked goods. And if you’re in the mood for a day of outdoor fun, there are also many places to choose from in the Annapolis Valley.

There are a number of farms and orchards in Nova Scotia where you can go apple picking. You can start your trip by visiting Noggins Corner Farm Market, located in Greenwich. Or head out to Boates Farm, located at 432 Bligh Road, Woodville. A ripe apple will have a deep orange-red skin and should easily come away from the tree. If you can find a windfall, the apple harvesting season is on.

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During apple picking season, you should look for signs that tell you when the apples are ripe. If they are red or yellow, it means that they are overripe. However, you should avoid pulling or twisting them as this may damage the spur that will develop into the next apple. Besides, you shouldn’t pull or twist them off the branch. When picking apples, you should make sure you handle them gently. This way, they won’t bruise and are safe to eat.

If you have a child who loves apples, you can take them with you to the farms. You can find them in Nova Scotia at numerous locations. In some cases, you can even take a trip with your kids. Just be sure to take them home with you and a few jars of your favorite sweet treat. A bag of your favourite fruit will make a great snack for your kid’s lunchbox.

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When you’re picking apples, make sure you use the right technique. The best way to pick an apple is to lift and twist it off the tree. Pulling an apple will damage the spur needed for the next apple. Moreover, you should handle your apples with care to avoid bruising. The best way to avoid bruising is to use a spoon. It’s important to wash your hands after picking.

When picking apples, make sure you use a sharp knife. A blunt knife is dangerous because it can cause your apple to break. Ensure the apple is ripe before you cut it. When the skin is hard, it can become damaged. So, you need to handle it carefully and avoid bruises. A good tip is to peel it while holding it under a glass. A few apples will still remain on the branch after you have picked them.

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